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Centre for Development Informatics (CDI)

Postgraduate Study

Postgraduate Training/MSc

The Centre for Development Informatics teaches the one-year Masters degree on ICTs for Development which aims to create "ICT4D champions" who combine knowledge and skills of information systems, project management, and development context. Details of Masters scholarships and other funding opportunities for this MSc are available online.

The Centre also supports other one-year Masters degrees including the MSc in Geographical Information Science, and the MSc in Management and Information Systems. In 2011, we began our Distance Learning MSc in Management and Information Systems.

Postgraduate Research/PhD & DBA

The Centre for Development Informatics hosts more than twenty PhD and DBA researchers studying various aspects of the connection between ICTs and socio-economic development.

PhD research applications can be made via the Institute for Development Policy and Management or the Manchester Business School. Details of scholarship opportunities are available online for IDPM and for MBS.

DBA study is suitable for those continuing in employment; such as those working on development informatics in an international agency, NGO, private company or government organisation. DBA study is undertaken over four-five years with roughly two visits per year to Manchester. DBA application and further details are available from Manchester Business School.

The Centre has a particular interest in candidates working in areas complementary to our focal research themes, especially: "development 2.0"; gender implications of ICTs; e-government; ICTs and small/micro-enterprise; ICTs and civil society organisations; ICT policy; ICT-based offshoring; ICT4D innovation; IS methodologies in developing countries; m-finance; social media/Web 2.0 for development; and socially-responsible outsourcing.

Only very high-quality candidates will be considered.  We are typically looking for those with a high-merit or distinction-level Masters degree from an internationally-recognised university in an appropriate topic (which includes but is not limited to information systems, management, or development); good English skills; and a relevant topic for study backed by a proposal that demonstrates an ability to work with academic theory.


For a response to specific queries about PhD, DBA or MSc study with the Centre for Development Informatics, email: cdi@manchester.ac.uk